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If you enjoy to reading humorous life stories, then you've come to the right place!


The blogs on this site, often-cathartic forms of expression for me, center on the life of an indie author and the humor of raising my three sons, and allow me to share my insights, queries, and tales. I relish the opportunity to share my stories with my loyal readers and invite you to explore my site, and enjoy.

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3...2...1...Launch: The WriteReads Ultimate Book Blogger Tour

A few months ago my editor approached me with an opportunity to be part of the largest book blogging tour known to man. *Just play along with me and accept this colassal endeavor is the first of its kind* It's going to be the largest collection of book bloggers blogging about a book. Look at that! I'm alliterating! So, who are these wonderful bloggers? Why do they do it? Where can we find them? And what is the meaning of life? Oh, wait. I already know that one. It's 42. And thanks for all the fish. David Taylor of TheWriteReads, hatched this evil plan to connect readers, aurthors, and bloggers (It's not really evil but that just sounds cooler and makes me rub my hands together saying, "Mwuah

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