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Burden of Truth book



I thought I understood the truth.

I thought I knew the whole story.

But no one really did.

In a country defined by scarcity and control, Enora Byrnes leaves the watchful eyes and secret agendas of the powerful and enters a society living on the fringes. Life beneath the surface brings her face to face with a world struggling to survive. Armed with knowledge and honed into a weapon for the resistance, she fights alongside those whom society deems rebels and uses her skills to steal a secret kept hidden from humanity. Enora becomes what she has hunted: a traitor. 

As Enora embarks on a fateful quest, will she find the one thing that could give her world hope or a truth that is far worse than she ever imagined?

Available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio

What readers are saying

“I am equally in love with and completely terrified by this sequel”

Goodreads Review

"Wow. Just wow. This was one of the most incredible books I have read this year."

Goodreads Review

 "An amazing story with a cautionary ending."

Author Joey Paul

"This book is entirely fiction, but whispers sad, terrifying things about our planet that could potentially be true within a few centuries. That possibility is made even more horrifying by this sequel, and I truly believe anyone concerned about our planet should be wary of these possibilities, as they could potentially be real life someday."

Eyes Open Reviews

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