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After the Green Withered book

2018 Winner of the Best Indie Book Award

in young adult fiction!

Best Indie Book Award

2020 Winner of the Connecticut Author Project

in young adult fiction!

Connecticut Author Project

A young woman born into a world ravaged by drought. An entity controlling everything from water credits to borders. And a dark secret that could change everything. 



In my town, graduating high school doesn’t mean looking at a bright and shining future of endless possibilities It means accepting the role you’re offered. Even if it’s something you vowed never to be part of. 


 Now it’s here. The day I’ve been dreading. 


The good news? I won’t be stuck in the mill like my parents, toiling away until my features are as drab as their uniforms. 


The bad news? I’ve been recruited. 


When the DMC recruits you, refusing is not an option. There are no options. Weeks of training and a complete immersion await me. I’m being molded. My old life is being erased. 


But with each day that passes, the dark underbelly of the entity that controls the world begins to reveal itself. They’re guarding a secret too terrible to reveal. 


And it’s up to me to bring it into the light.


For fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent comes a terrifying story of a possible future for humanity and the planet. 

Available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio

What readers are saying

"The imagery, along with the all-too-real backstory, succeeded in making After the Green Withered one of the most horrifically breathtaking dystopians I have ever read."

Eyes Open Reviews

"Kristin Ward has created a world that although totally fictional, could be our future which is terrifying and shocking in itself." 

Herding Cats Book Blog

"This is a great dystopian novel filled with suspense and amazing world building, it will leave you questioning our reality long after the last page has been turned."

Books and Stuff Blog

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