Beneath rock and soil, trees and oceans, she lies. 


Under concrete jungles and poisoned rivers, she slumbers. 


She is Mother Earth. 


And mankind has turned its back on its mother. 


The visions begin on Terran’s seventeenth birthday. Horrifying images pummel her brain, while a voice commands her to see beyond the world she thought she knew and into the heart of it.  Gaia has awakened, brought to consciousness by the greed of a species that has tainted every aspect of her being in a tide of indifference. With this awareness, comes rage. Gaia calls upon her children to unleash her fury, wreaking vengeance on humanity. 


Terran will emerge in a world on the brink of collapse, to face a being whose wrath is beyond imagining. 



“Everything around you, from the animals scurrying on the surface, to the rock that forms a great mountain range, is all connected, a living thing. And that is she. Gaia.”

~Silas Drow

Rise of Gaia

The world is not all that it seems in this exciting YA SciFi-Fantasy!


Available on Kindle and in paperback. Click the image to buy your copy today!


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