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Rise of Gaia book

What if Mother Earth wasn't simply a metaphor for the planet? What if she's fully aware of what we're doing to her and tapped you on the proverbial shoulder to do something about it?

This is where I come in.

Apparently, I'm the chosen one. Lucky me.  



You know those fantasies where you wake up on your birthday to a new car in the driveway and a hot date? An EV would be cool, and I’d love the date. But I never wished for a crazy vision of a hellish dystopia courtesy of a very pissed-off Mother Earth. 


So much for birthday wishes. 


Now I’m stuck with the Mother of All Things pummeling me with visions and cries for help. Add in my best friend, a hippie new-age woman, a Thor look-a-like who thinks he’s some breed of faerie, a raven who follows me around like a witchy familiar, and powers that should only exist in movies and books, and what do you get?


My life. 


Between navigating high school and wrestling with things beyond my understanding, I’d say the start of my seventeenth year is a real doozy. Gaia is hounding me day and night with violent images of the planet’s destruction and a furious desire for revenge, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. 


In fact, with everything she’s showing me, I don’t know that I want to. 


Time is running out. A wrathful Mother Earth is gathering her army. And, weirdly, I’m the only thing that could save humanity or doom it. 



Contemporary young adult fantasy collides with magical realism, fae lore, climate fiction, and the power of friendship. 

Available in eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audio

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Steven Writes

Book Blogger

This was a story that positively brimmed with imagination and meaning. Descriptively written and possessing a powerful overriding message...

Out of this World SSF Reviews

Book Blogger

...a thrilling and satisfying SF story that touched on a timely and relevant message that we can all learn from.

Looking Glass Reads

Book Blogger

A tale of environmentalism is told within these pages, and the wrath of the earth literally rears its head.


“Everything around you, from the animals scurrying on the surface, to the rock that forms a great mountain range, is all connected, a living thing. And that is she. Gaia.”

~Silas Drow

Rise of Gaia

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