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Daughter of Erabel

~ Young Adult Fantasy Series~

Two realms torn apart by the ravages of war

one young woman caught between the world of men and the kingdom of elves

Treacherous. Evil. Dark.

Dorcha Wood is all of these. And none of them.


After the Great War, the Aos Sí—a race of elves—vanished from the world, leaving nothing but their ghosts to haunt Dorcha Wood. Or so the locals say. But to seventeen-year-old Fiadh, the forbidden forest is home. A haven. It speaks to her in the rustle of the wind through the leaves, in the wild things that come to her hand. It is a forest whose secrets become known only when it chooses to reveal them.

Hers is a simple life until the outside world shatters it.

Gideon, a warrior whose memory is as lost as his strength, finds his way to Fiadh's healing hands. With his arrival comes the wrath of Lord Darragh, the ruler of Felmore—a man whose violence rivals that of the nightmarish beings of Dorcha Wood.

Fiadh finds herself thrust into a world brimming with suspicion and cruelty, seething with hatred and vengeance.



She turns to Gideon. Setting herself on a new path where she will confront the reality of old hatred, the consequences of things hidden, and the truth of who she is.

The Daughter of Erabel series blends Celtic mythology, swords & sorcery, and young adult dark fantasy, taking readers on the journey of one young woman caught between the world of men and the kingdom of elves.

Content Warning: As a dark historical fantasy, this series contains graphic medieval battle scenes in addition to passages containing violence, blood, and gore.

What readers are saying...

"... a story of friendship, innocence, betrayal, pain and revenge."

Book Blogger

"A Highly Addictive, Wickedly Dark YA Fantasy"

Gwendalyn's Books

"I left my heart in Ward's hands after the last book, and she completely destroyed it with this one."


Mandi Oyster, Author of the Dacia Wolf series

"Erabel grows several times more vivid in this second book of the series, where different sources of Celtic magic and mythology inspired prose arrive at every turn."

Stephen Writes
Book Reviews

"I’ve missed this kind of fantasy read. The kind where you feel like you got soundly bonked on the head and woke up in a whole new world and are scrambling to figure out good, evil, and where the bathroom is."

Modest Hiccup
Book Blog

"There were moments that broke my heart and others that made it soar."

Storm Jensen
Book Reviews

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