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3...2...1...Launch: The WriteReads Ultimate Book Blogger Tour

A few months ago my editor approached me with an opportunity to be part of the largest book blogging tour known to man. *Just play along with me and accept this colassal endeavor is the first of its kind* It's going to be the largest collection of book bloggers blogging about a book. Look at that! I'm alliterating!

So, who are these wonderful bloggers?

Why do they do it?

Where can we find them?

And what is the meaning of life? Oh, wait. I already know that one. It's 42. And thanks for all the fish.

David Taylor of TheWriteReads, hatched this evil plan to connect readers, aurthors, and bloggers (It's not really evil but that just sounds cooler and makes me rub my hands together saying, "Mwuahaha!"). Anyway, he reached out to the book blogging world and 100 bloggers signed on to join a massive tour that will spotlight one book for 10 days. I'm incredibly fortunate that my debut novel was selected as the initial book in this first-of-its-kind event.

Anyone else getting a maiden voyage vibe? I'm itching to grab a bottle of bubbly and smash it against something to mark this event, but I don't think my computer would survive it. Sigh.

In order to prepare for the April 1st launch, bloggers from around the world have been reading After the Green Withered for the last few weeks. Some bloggers have even continued the story by reading the sequel, Burden of Truth. These copies were provided to any participating blogger. I also sent a few bloggers, who entered a WriteReads contest, paperback copies of both books and a few bookmarks. The tour itself is composed of thoughtful reviews and author guest spots, in addition to other blogger-specific elements. Some of these amazing people have even created special banners for the tour that reflect and highlight the theme of the book!

Book bloggers, by their very nature, love reading and sharing thoughts about books. This eclectic group of fans of the written word, spend hours of their time connecting with readers and engaging in thoughtful discourse about the many novels that have become part of their libraries. They are an essential component of the reading world. Without their reflective prose, readers can become lost in a sea of books and may never come across those little gems tucked within an oversaturated market. Bloggers have the ability to shine a spotlight on works you've never heard of. And, who knows? Maybe one of their blog posts holds your next favorite book!

As many of you know, Twitter is a major hub for authors, bloggers, agents, and publishers. This social media platform enables you to connect with people and really engage in a conversation. In conjunction with posts on blogger's websites, The WriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour will be blasted across Twitter as each group of book bloggers shares their thoughts from April 1st to 10th.

Will every blogger like my book? Certainly not. One of the best, and most challenging, parts of this tour is putting my book into the hands of such a large group of experienced people who will read it with a critical eye. This is another important piece of the book blogger world. We need them to be honest. This is the trust that is formed when readers subscribe to a blogger's site and it is why readers loyally read a blogger's perspective and use that to delve into new books. I trust that I will read thoughtful reviews that can help me improve my craft or shed light on someone else's interpretation of the tale. Though I admit that I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when someone reads my work and loves it. There's my author vanity, for ya!

I hope you join me on Twitter from April 1st-10th,lovely readers, as I make history in the *biggest book blogger tour in the world!

*This may or may not be true, but it sounds pretty darn awesome!

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