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It's Time To Get Geeky!

As a writer of young adult science fiction, it's no surprise that I am a science geek. Not only is science a big part of my profession and writing, it is also an essential piece of who I am. From space adventures to environmental disasters to apocalyptic dramas, I'm all in - cue the eye-rolling from friends and colleagues who do not share my passion or understand the depth of my nerdery.

My favorite medium for sci-fi geekdom are movies. I love a good creature-feature or space adventure and some of my favorites include aliens in some shape or form. Honestly, I'm game for pretty much any science fiction flick that sucks me in and doesn't let go from whatever world it pulled me into!

Let's have some sci-fi fun and run down a list of some of my faves.

Star Wars - The entire Star Wars franchise is my number one sci-fi choice. I grew up with episodes 4-6 and raised my boys right, introducing them to the storyline the same way I experienced them!

Alien- This one is a classic! One of my favorite scenes is when Dallas is navigating the air shafts and comes face to face with one of the most badass creatures in moviedom!

Blade Runner - Set in 2019, Ridley Scott created a dystopian world where replicants look and act like humans and are being hunted down by Blade Runners. While this is not the reality we all experienced in 2019, it's still an exciting vision of the possibility of AI.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Okay, who didn't fall in love with E.T. and wish he'd find his way into your backyard? While I never developed a love of Reese's Pieces, I did fall in love with this quirky, stocky alien.

Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome - "Two men enter, one man leave" This one is a classic and Tina Turner is perfect in her role!

The Terminator - "I'll be back." How often does this phrase spill from my lips with the appropriate syllabic emphasis? I'll never tell. LOL.

Back to the Future - 2015 is long gone and I still want my hoverboard!

The Fifth Element - I showed this one to my high schoolers and they just didn't get it. I suppose it was too weird but it is one of my favorites. I guess it's one that people either love or hate.

Signs - Aliens visiting earth to eliminate the species and take over the planet's resources is a powerful theme alongside the idea that things in our life happen for a reason.

A.I. - This movie broke my heart but I loved it! The idea of a robot feeling the love of a child was heart wrenching.

Contact - Based on a novel by Carl Sagan, this movie is one of my top ten sci-fi flicks. I love the drama and realism of the film.

War of the Worlds - It all comes down to the simplest organism in this exciting alien flick!

Men in Black - The first in the franchise is definitely my favorite! Campy and fun with great performances.

The Matrix - It's hard to say whether I would take the blue pill or the red pill. Live in blissful ignorance or face a reality too staggering to wrap my head around?

Cloverfield - This is one of my absolute favorites! If the movie is mentioned, I'll want to watch it. Scary creature films are always on my movie agenda!

Wall-E - One of the purest films depicting first love, ever! The conception of humans as lumps of flesh riding around in self-driving chairs is pretty scary.

District 9 - Here we go again with the creature flicks! This film really gets to a sensitive issue and I love the connections to societal issues we face today.

Avatar- I absolutely LOVE the environmental theme in this one! They really hit close to home and the movie effects are fabulous. I'd want to travel to this world...

Galaxy Quest - I do love a good, campy flick and this one serves up the laughs while keeping the sci-fi at the forefront!

Jurassic World - I'm a huge fan of the entire Jurassic Park franchise. If it's not aliens, then dinosaurs are a great substitute!

Star Trek - I was a huge fan of the original show! The new movies totally revitalized the Star Trek series. The first is a top fave!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - While I do recall the original Planet of the Apes movies from my childhood, I don't enjoy them like I used to as a kid. This 2011 remake is fantastic. I really love the whole origin story!

Gravity - We can all imagine what it would be like to be lost in the void of space - silent, powerless, at the whims of gravity pulling us away from everything we know.

Godzilla - Yes, another creature-feature! I told you I love movies with fantastical creatures! The old Godzilla films are not on my list but I do really like the latest movies. The environmental aspects are a great component of the story.

The Martian - Next to We Bought a Zoo and Good Will Hunting, this movie is my favorite Matt Damon film. I love how the science drives the film alongside a stellar performance from a fabulous actor.

Ready Player One - I loved the book! The whole 80s theme was utterly fabulous and totally up my alley. The movie is great and while I was disappointed with the absence of some book elements and the inclusion of others not in the book, the film is a fun ride.

The Hunger Games - This book series was tremendous. The societal issues it brought to the forefront were important and relevant. While the movies couldn't reach the depth of the books, no movies can, I truly enjoyed the interpretation and storytelling.

I'm on geek overload right now and know I am missing so many more of my favorite sci-fi films! Alas, it is time to wrap this up before I lose you to the sci-fi abyss (another great movie!!) or you fall asleep with boredom. Until next time, get your geek on!


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