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The blogs on this site, often-cathartic forms of expression for me, center on the life of an indie author and the humor of raising my three sons, and allow me to share my insights, queries, and tales. I relish the opportunity to share my stories with my loyal readers and invite you to explore my site, and enjoy.

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From Condors to Skeksis?

I was at the Beardsley Zoo the other day, looking at the Condors, when my youngest said, "They look like Skeksis." *It was a proud moment. I've raised them right! LOL* The resemblance to Skeksis is quite striking and I began to wonder if Jim Henson was indeed influenced by these amazing birds. So I researched it. A little. I have this habit of getting sucked into the internet vortex for hours if I don't make an effort to limit myself. It turns out that Skeksis were inspired by an illustrated Lewis Carrol poem that featured crocodiles dressed in fancy clothes, seeming to embody the elegance of bygone days, standing around in a bathroom. The Skeksis themselves reflect reptilian, raptor, and d

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