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Book Bloggers + Awards = BBNYA

Book bloggers are that rare breed of reader who loves to dive into the written word with excitement, a critical eye, and a ready pen. They are an eclectic group, spanning all ages and genre preferences, but they have one foundational characteristic in common: they LOVE books. It is with this passion that book bloggers approach every novel they read and every review they write. As an author, book bloggers are an essential part of my journey. Through Twitter, I have met an array of bloggers, thanks in large part to the incredible Ultimate Book Blogger Tour I participated in with over 100 bloggers. What I found is a community that consistently lifts each other up and truly inspires me to better my craft. While not every blogger will like my work, that is a given and is expected from any readership, book bloggers are skilled at expressing those elements that resonate with those that don't in terms that leave authors with a path forward to bettering our craft. It is with this lens that I read and absorb reviews, no matter who has written them.

Given that book bloggers read and review hundreds of books each year, sharing their thoughts with thousands of loyal subscribers, it makes sense that these wonderful people would gather to form a unique award competition for indie authors. The result is the first Book Bloggers' Novel of the Year Award! I'm incredibly excited about this endeavor as it highlights the connection between bloggers and authors while recognizing the incredible impact book bloggers have on the novels we choose to read. Of course, none of this would have come to fruition without the vision of its creator, Dave, of the Write Reads. As one interview explains, this competition is about shining the light on indie books and creating a community of bloggers who are ready to dive into great reads and have fun! For more information on this fabulous event sponsored by The Folio Society, be sure to check out this post by book blogger, Esmée. Indie authors wishing to enter the competition should visit BBNYA on Twitter!

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