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If you enjoy to reading humorous life stories, then you've come to the right place!


The blogs on this site, often-cathartic forms of expression for me, center on the life of an indie author and the humor of raising my three sons, and allow me to share my insights, queries, and tales. I relish the opportunity to share my stories with my loyal readers and invite you to explore my site, and enjoy.

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Author Spotlight: JB Richards

Indie authors are a unique community of people. We write across all genres, publish our own work on our own terms, market by any means possible, and can be found lurking on all social media outlets, particularly Twitter. Perhaps the best thing about indie authors is the commitment we have to each other. JB Richards is a fabulous example of indie virtues! That sounds so corny but it's completely accurate, trust me. Join me now as we learn more about the author and founder of the Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project or IHIBRP. When did you begin writing? Is this your full-time occupation? I first began writing in grammar school. I loved our Writing Class so much that I often handed my tea

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