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When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

The call came on an ordinary day. But this was not an ordinary call. It was the type to blindside me and leave me unanchored and lost.

Life does that sometimes. At least that is what I have found as I've gone on this journey. There is no constancy, aside from the guarantee that there will be a dip, a loop, and a double-corkscrew on the rollercoaster we ride each day. These moments test us and, in the end, make us stronger.

And so, as I look out the window of my home away from home, I marvel at how the world keeps going. There is such normalcy, when everything is not normal. And perhaps, that is what makes this bearable. Life goes on.

Now, as I imagine the future, the vision is changed. But that's okay. The foundation that was laid along the way, remains strong and will guide me as I continue to walk forward and reach for my dreams. I hope all of you have a similar foundation on which to stand.

Looking back on my experiences of over 40+ years of living, I'm so grateful for many things. These will see me through.

Here are a few that make me smile...

  • Mom letting me have all sorts of animals in my formative years (even snakes, rats and lizards).

  • Dad being understanding when I showed him my broken front tooth after a night of go-carts with my crew.

  • Cell phones did not exist (it's just better that there are no videos or pictures of my escapades).

  • My parents letting me wait in line outside Tower Records at three in the morning for concert tickets.

  • The potato my mom left in the microwave too long that I casually informed her was on fire.

  • Trips to see the world (someday I hope to share these places with my own children---and no, we did not act like the Griswold Family).

  • The replacement chocolate my mom bought, and consumed within two days, after eating our package of Hershey's bars. Never did get a taste of either!

  • Mom showing me that there are no conditions on loving someone.

Life will throw us a curve ball, of this you can be certain. And sometimes we may strikeout or hit a foul ball, but that doesn't mean we won't get another chance at bat.

(Okay, I'm not a sports person. Making an analogy to baseball seems like a safe bet. I wonder if I should talk about when the runner gets a touchdown after passing third base...just kidding! I know touchdowns are in hockey, not baseball.)

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