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I’m a Mom. What’s your superpower?

Mothers have superpowers. There is no other way to explain the multitude of things that we are able to accomplish within a given day, nor in an entire week. The extraordinary abilities that come with the onset of motherhood are truly astonishing and worthy of recognition, because this often thankless job is harder than any career imaginable. 

From the moment I rouse the household at six-thirty in the morning to the time when I can finally rest my head on the pillow at ten at night, I am a multitasking ball of energy that gets shit done! From my experience, it is women who embody these superhuman  abilities to such an extent that attempts by the opposite sex to reach our super-status rarely meet our level of expertise and efficiency. It is also true that many of the jobs I complete in a day are overlooked and seem to be attributed to the ‘laundry fairy’ or the ‘invisible maid’ or even the ‘dishwashing elf’. While I grumble explicatives under my breath, the remaining people in the house are often blithely going about their business, which is frequently totally unrelated to anything work-oriented, and I’m doing what needs to be done. 

Why do I do this? 

Because that’s what individuals with superpowers do, we make the world (or household) a better place. 

While tedious jobs seem to be the dominating recipient of a mom’s superpowers, they are far from the majority of the tasks we manage in a day. Outside the realm of chores, is a host of other responsibilities that moms accomplish with superpowers. The specifics of these powers can make us appear seemingly omniscient. You can categorize these things as stuff moms know. 

Mothers know:  

who is going to what appointment and when (primarily because we are the ones who make those appointments)

who likes what items in their lunch 

who needs new shoes

who needs help with homework

who has a play date or concert or game

who failed which test and when

who goes to which lesson and where 

who has a sore throat 

who didn’t sleep well 

who needs a hug

And we do all of this while often working full time at a job that actually pays something. Actually, being a mom does pay something, more than any monetary value could touch. It’s mom my sons come to when they are upset, need advice, want to vent, need a cuddle, or just want to hang out. Those are the outcomes when I use my superpowers and they are precious. 

Stay strong, SuperMoms. Your powers are what keep the rest of the family going. 

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