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Space Invaders

January 6, 2018

Whether it is a boy, bird, or dog, something is bound to insert itself into my personal space for sundry reasons and utterly derail my thinking and ability to complete a task in its entirety without interruptions. 


Take today as an example, while working, or rather trying to work, I am bombarded by noises of the canine variety. This begins with Gus whining for me to toss a toy, then toss it again and again, quickly followed by locating said toy under whatever piece of furniture it has become lodged. While I may ignore the pleas of the latter for a period of time, the whining will continue until, in exasperation, I dig out the toy and toss it. As you can imagine, this game continues until Gus’ energy is momentarily depleted. 


You would think that this respite from the game of fetch would provide me with time to refocus, but no. Sparky now wants my attention and he doesn’t resort to whining to get it. 


You see, Sparky thinks he’s a ninja. To fully explain this likening, let me paint you a picture of his actions when he wants to invade my space for attention-seeking reasons. 


Me: working on my writing on the sofa while Gus, finally exhausted, is having a nap


Sparky: sits in front of me and just stares


Me: avoid making eye contact with Sparky in the hope that he will settle by my feet and let me work 


Sparky: thinking I don’t see him begins this slow progression...

  • first paw is placed on the cushion next to me

  • pause

  • next paw joins the first 

  • pause

  • very slowly, rear legs make their way onto the sofa, all the while Sparky is looking away as he’s moving because if he can’t see me then I clearly can’t see him

  • pause

  • slowly rearranges his body so his head is facing mine

  • pause

  • moves in


Me: turn my head so that I’m face to face with the dog, we’re talking less than an inch from my face...I mean there’s some major dog breath happening; “Hi, Sparks”


There’s no point in trying to get anything done now. The ninja went into stealth mode and ‘snuck’ his way onto the sofa followed less than two minutes later by my son who has created a space on my other side, where there previously was none. 


And now Gus is up. Sigh. 



























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