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The snow day equation: snow day = wine

It is the eve of a snow day and this can only mean copious amounts of wine, just kidding, sort of. Honestly, it is hard to determine who is more excited about the prospect of this ‘stolen day’, my children or me? Yes, I know it’ll come back around in June, but let me relish the moment and ignore the obvious for now.

All week long I’ve watched the weather avidly, awaiting the announcement of a hazardous weather outlook with some decent probabilities. Yes, I know I just returned from a winter break, but that is utterly irrelevant! As the forecast began to look more dire (from the meteorologist’s perspective), my hopes lifted until finally, the announcement came and with it, a bottle of wine! Okay, the announcement didn’t really come with wine, that would just be weird and completely illogical. But I had wine just biding its time in the fridge for this specific occasion, so the correlation is sound.

For those of you without kids (side note: two of my three boys are, at this very moment, dancing around the room with Doritos because dinner is over and their stomachs have no capacity limits), a snow day has many meanings.

First: The dreaded homework folder can be shoved back into the abyss of the backpack to be dealt with tomorrow.

Second: There will be no whining about bedtime because, guess what? It’s weekend bedtime!

Third: This is clearly the most important effect of a snow day. Mom gets to have a glass, or two, or three, of wine! Plus, Mom gets to have a weekend bedtime too!

Bonus: No alarm clock, for anyone! Woohoo!!

So, you see? A snow day = wine

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