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The dreaded, homework folder...

The beginning of any school year is bittersweet. It signifies the end of lazy summer days and rings in the excitement of new friends and classes.

Fast forward to January, specifically the first day back after winter break. The frigid, barren yard somehow matches the mood of returning to school, both for me and my three sons. Being a terrible mother, I have ignored the backpacks over the winter break (cue the cringe upon opening the ten-day old lunch box) and paid absolutely no attention to anyone’s homework folder. Come to think of it, I often try to avoid the contents of that folder in order to prevent the potential, inappropriate comment that may fly out of my mouth when pulling out stacks of worksheets and notices.

As expected, my youngest son’s folder is packed with the same, purposeless worksheets that I expect to see each time I remember to venture into folder territory. I also can’t help noticing that it isn’t looking so hot anymore. It’s been since August that he’s had his Minion folder and it’s become a sticky, lumpy, torn mess with water stains (I’m assuming it’s water, ew).

Clearly it needs replacing.

Obviously, I should get him a new, sturdy folder.

But then I think to myself, what if I don’t replace it? Would homework magically disappear sans folder? It seems like a worthy experiment and I do love science!

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