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Resolutions...realistic or purely fiction?

We have all made New Year's resolutions at some point in our lives and if you are anything like me, those sincere commitments lasted about a week before suffering their inevitable end through such mumblings as, screw this! Of course, I like to believe that it is not my lack of follow-through or short attention span that result in these yearly promises being broken. You see, if I make a resolution that is clearly in the realm of fiction then it is doomed to fail. So it's not really my fault, it's just the nature of a fictitious promise. 

At the age of 44, I’ve finally come to the realization that my resolutions should simply not revolve around food and exercise. Rather, they should involve an activity that will allow me to park my butt on the sofa and enjoy some carb concoction while doing something I love. Clearly, this limits my options to knitting, watching movies (a worthy pursuit, but not for self-improvement), or writing. So long as my boys and the rapidly-breeding laundry don’t get in my way, I have chosen to write. It might not be good writing but, damn it, it'll be writing! 

To be more specific, because if I’m not then I will I give myself way too much slack, my New Year's resolution is to work on my book and my blog, consistently. Did you happen to notice that word at the end? Yeah, consistency can be my downfall. I like to start things but sometimes I don't finish what I start (why is my conscience laughing at me right now?). I could talk to you about my knitting projects, but that just makes me squirm so I'm going to set that example aside, to be explored later. 

In short, 2018 will be the year of the writer! Don't judge me, I couldn't think of anything more clever. I will share my musings, my other writing projects and will work toward the goal of self-publishing. 

Here's to your resolutions...make them fact not fiction!

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