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A cacophony of boys

Kids make noise, this is an indisputable fact. However, I am beginning to think that my sons may have a unique gift for abstract sound that Industrial Light and Magic may be interested in. Admittedly, there are some sounds from down under that must be released into the ether of every evening's activities, but the specific sounds I am referring to are actually of the vocal variety.

I have been told by my brother-in-law that it is the nature of the males in the family and has been passed down from generation to generation like some alien gene. I suppose he's right, as my husband does exhibit all the traits as well, which likely means all future progeny are doomed to some quirky utterances that seem to creep out of the male mouth at any given moment.

Take this afternoon for example, I am trying to spend a few minutes reading when my middle son plops down next to me. Normal, right? Wrong! Because the series of bleeps, blips, squeaks, and squawks that follow this simple task rip through the quiet room. Of course, I am unfazed by this plethora of noise but I begin to wonder, is this normal?

And now, being New Year's Eve, I have allowed my eldest to invite a group of friends for a sleepover. Yes, I am insane, but that is beside the point. To put it mildly, the noises of the boys-es has increased exponentially!

Oh and did I mention the amount of food they ate? Yeah, that's a whole other blog post...phew!

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